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Lisa Marie and MJ's marriage quotes from an article

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MSN chat, 2003:
dandystuff in Onstage_1 asks: Do you hate Michael Jackson?
Lisa_Marie_Presley says: No I do not hate Michael Jackson. The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifferent. I'm indifferent.

Spiegel interview, 2003:
Spiegel: Did MJ influence you musically?
Presley: Of course he has inspired me, though actually only later. Most of the time of our marriage I was just happy being his wife. I was really attracted to his eccentricity. He lives in his own little world. It's such a shame all the stuff that's being said about him today. You shouldn't underestimate him. He can be very funny and very charming if he wants to.

Donald Trump interview, date unknown:
"It was romantic. Later I got to ask him how things were going and he said, 'Great. I just got to kiss the most beautiful girl in the world. I hope I'm worthy of her. I think I might marry her.'"
"For a while, those two were really getting it on."

Jimmy Jam article/interview, 1996:
Jam can talk about how cuddly Jackson is with his wife, Lisa Marie Presley.
"Michael is the nicest guy in the world. I remember reading a quote from Lisa Marie when they got married. And someone asked what she liked most about him, and she said, `He's the nicest guy in the world.' I laughed when I read that. But he really is. It sounds corny, but he's definitely the nicest guy I've ever met."

Zimmerman, Québécois magazine translation - Aug 1994:
"A kind of magic emerges from this young couple. I really did not know what awaited me when I arrived, but what I saw made me think of the scene which two in love act as if they were alone in the world, in spite of the crowd which surrounds them. That only comes when two people are deeply enthusiastic about one another. Like everyone, I had heard rumours which surrounded their marriage several weeks ago. But it was necessary that I see them with my own eyes to work out the depth and sincerity of their love. This love, neither could hide from me. It will be enough for you to realise it by looking at my photographs, especially those which I took of Lisa. There are attitudes which cannot be faked. In fact, I did not even need to guide Michael and Lisa. I did not need, for example, to ask them to intertwine. They spontaneously did it and most naturally. I had to only say to them to place themselves at such or such a place, and the rest came naturally. They spoke to each other in a very soft tone, the tone of two people very much in love with one another."
Photographer, who took Michael's and Lisa's wedding photos

Wayne Isham, interview - May 2007:
"Having done videos for so long, nothing strikes me as strange anymore. Everything has a unique twist. But, the one that ranks at the top is probably Michael Jackson "You Are Not Alone." We had planned out all these elements for the video and then Michael had this idea where he wanted to use this Greek, classical-styled, artistic imagery. And, he wanted to appear in it naked with his wife, Lisa Marie Presley. Like they were Greek gods. It had nothing to do with the video we were doing, but I said, "OK, that's cool. We can shoot it." We set it up and as we're ready to shoot, he leads me into the trailer and says, "Have you asked her?" He wanted me to ask her to appear in the video. He was too shy. So I asked. And we did it."

Janet Jackson, USA Today article, 1995:
She also defends his (Michael's) marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, "a true sister to the 10th power. Lisa's wonderful. She's beautiful inside and out. They're good for each other." She was disgusted when her brother's sex life was probed in June's Prime Time Live interview. "For Diane Sawyer to ask all the other questions and then have someone else ask that - why?" says Jackson, rolling her eyes. "I'm sick of this whole stupid thing about, 'Do they have sex?' Somebody asked me that and I said, "No, they just sit there, look at each other and **********.' I mean it's STUPID. I wish people would shut the **** up and leave him alone."

Rebbie Jackson, OK! magazine 1998:
One family member she has yet to get the chance to accept is Michael's wife Debbie Rowe, the mother of his heir Prince Michael Jr. "I have never met Debbie, so I dont know what she's like," she explains. But one 'outsider' Rebbie is happy to befriend is Michael's first wife, Lisa Marie Presley. She says: "Her six year old son Benjamin is so in love with my two daughters - he flirts with them all the time when Lisa's visiting my home!"

3T, TV Hits interview, 1996:
Q: So what about Uncle Michael and Lisa Marie getting a divorce?
TJ: They've had so much pressure on them, especially from the press - it must be hard to stay together.
Taryll: The press only report the bad things. They don't know how much love there is between them.
Taj: Nobody ever said about Michael and Lisa Marie, "oh, that's nice, I hope it lasts". Everybody wanted to kill the relationship before it had a chance.

3T, Smash Hits interview, 1996:
Taj: We only got to meet her twice, but she was great. We all got along fine. It was sad when it ended, because we know how special she was to our uncle. Right from the beginning, everyone wanted to see it fail. A lot of it was media pressure and rumors - maybe she just didn't want to be under the spotlight.

Joseph Jackson (Michael’s father), autobiography 2004
"After the allegations he married Lisa Marie. In their first TV interview the two newlyweeds were asked if they have sex. Can you imagine a reporter asking Paul McCartney the same question shortly after he married Linda? Would any reporter ever ask newlyweds if they have sex? Why else should two people marry - to not have sex? The question was an insult but Lisa the little jewel answered, 'yes, yes, yes' - I love her for that. And so does Michael."
"Michael never had to be afraid of Lisa marrying because of money. She had enough herself. He knew that all she wanted was his love."
"Lisa Marie was and still is Michael's big love of his life. When I think about them I always have to smile to myself. Her love for him warmed my heart."
"Contrary to all the rumours they are still near to each other. During the time Michael had two children with Debbie Rowe she was a good friend to him. But of course the media just reports the bad stuff and so nobody could read about Lisa Marie and Michael meeting in South Africa, or that they were going out very often. Debbie too, knew that Michael will always love Lisa Marie, and I see it the same way. We never met Debbie, but with Lisa the family stayed in contact even after the divorce. She has a special place in Michael's heart.

kiwinick /presley's pride


I Cannes Do It
I Cannes Do It
I love Janet Jackson!!
I heard that she and Lisa Marie were pretty close when Lisa and Michael were married


thanks alot for posting that was very inspiring... Smile


Can't Stop Postin'
Can't Stop Postin'
Thanks, I haven´t read most of the quotes yet.


I'm Capable
I'm Capable
is there any scans of lisa marie after the divorce with mj other then what is posted?

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