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Does Riley study or not?

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1 Does Riley study or not? on 04.10.09 8:35


Can't Stop Postin'
Can't Stop Postin'
Anyone knows what she does? Does she study or something?

2 Re: Does Riley study or not? on 04.10.09 9:11


I Cannes Do It
I Cannes Do It
I don't think she studies
She'd be pretty busy with what she does right now anyway
I heard that was against going to high school in the first place so I don't think she'd want to continue studying after she graduated!
My friend, who runs the Riley Keough Myspace, told me that one of her teachers emailed her thinking that she was Riley and said she was really proud of how far she has come and she remembered her in middle school and how she complained about how everything she learns in school wouldn't be needed later in life, especially maths lol

3 Re: Does Riley study or not? on 06.10.09 13:55


^ lol, that is so typical of how many secondary school students feel about Maths but there is of course a need to use maths in life; to develop science and technology. Anyway, if someone knows what they want out of life, then I guess it does not matter.
I would support Riley and Ben and all other Presley descendants to do any jobs they choose to do as long as it is legal. But I also cannot help thinking how nice it would be to have Harper grow up to be a doctor or a scientist! drunken

4 Re: Does Riley study or not? on 07.10.09 3:05


I Cannes Do It
I Cannes Do It
Yeah, that would be awesome
A brainy Presley, lol
Not that Ben and Riley aren't smart too
I think that they both have to be with Lisa Marie as their mother
But it would be fun to see one of the twins do something completely different and not related to the entertainment industry

5 Re: Does Riley study or not? on 08.10.09 21:03


Oh, there are 'types of intelligence'. So, when we say 'brainy', say, Elvis Presley was the brainy one in musical intelligence where Stephen Hawking could be considered as quite avarage. They say, I'm the brainy one in EI (Emotional Intelligence) lol, tongue But say, as a bilingual person who speaks a second language almost as good as a native speaker does but as someone who can hardly do maths other than basics, I'm classified as 'linguistically intelligent' lol
Sorry for the lecture

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