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Riley sings?

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1 Riley sings? on 28.12.09 9:35


Make Me Famous
Make Me Famous
Hey Guys,
I know that some of you may be alarmed by the title of this topic.
I know that Riley wants to be a model and photographer, not a singer....

Everyone knows that Riley made a movie called 'The Runaways'. Since I'm a huge Fan of Kristen Stewart, i downloaded the Script and read parts of it.
As it seems, Riley's Character Marie Currie is also supposed to sing in the movie...

giggles, sings)
Misty water-colored meee-mor-ies...
It’s not funny, Marie!
Cherie stares at MARIE CURRIE. They’re paternal twins -- the
epitome of angelic 70’s California. Marie keeps singing...
It’s the laughter we’ll re-meeembeeerrr.
Of the waay we weeeeere...
Cherie sees BLOOD DRIPPING down her leg. She frantically
wipes it with her underwear.
You’re such a spaz, Cherie.

Barry Manilow’s “Mandy” comes on the radio. Marie turns it
up, sings along with the song. Her voice is terrible.
Well, you kissed me and stopped me
from shakin’. And I need you today,
oh MARIE...
Cherie makes a face, leans forward, turns the station.
Marie turns it back, sings louder. Cherie groans, retaliates.
Hey Derek, did Marie tell you she’s
not wearing any underwear?
Marie stops singing, glares back at Cherie.
Derek looks at Marie’s crotch, grins, hits the gas and howls

I don't wanna tease you, but.... I reallly hope she will sing in the movie. But anyways, maybe they changed the script....?

What do you guys think?

2 Re: Riley sings? on 28.12.09 11:51


Very interesting indeed. I will admit I have not thought of Riley singing in the movie but now that you mentioned
it's going to be exciting to hear her sing!!!!!!! I am sure she will sing in the movie
Is it a piece of the real script of the Runaways?! It's interesting to read a bit of it! Did you get it more a Kirstin website?

3 Re: Riley sings? on 28.12.09 12:35


I Cannes Do It
I Cannes Do It
Thanks sweet'child, this is so exciting
I really hope she does sing
It doesn't seem like it'll be a dramatic performance where she sings seriously but it would be great to hear her voice even if she's just goofing around
It looks like Riley will be in a few scenes, I know she's not one of the mains but it's not like shes an extra!!!!
Supeerrrr excited
Can't wait for the movie Cheering

4 Re: Riley sings? on 28.12.09 13:18


Make Me Famous
Make Me Famous
I got it from a Twilight-Fan-Forum. I asked someone and she sent me the script.

You can find the Script here:
Smile[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

5 Re: Riley sings? on 28.12.09 14:17


Making Magic
Making Magic
I hope we do get to hear her sing in the movie. I can't wait to hear what she sounds like.
It's a brilliant first movie for her.

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