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A message from RILEY!!!!

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1 A message from RILEY!!!! on 16.07.13 13:49


Riley Groupie
Riley Groupie
I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!! A while ago I wrote a message on facebook to riley, and really, I was sure she wouldn't replied me, but..... today I got a reply from her!!!!!! :yay: she's so kind and down to earth!

My message:
Hi Riley! I donít want a friend request, I understand this is your private account. Just wanted to say that Iím a big fan since 2004!!! Since I read your name in a newspaper here in Italy saying that you were the new face of Dior! I was a fan of your grandfather and your mum and still I am, and I began to follow your career too. Then, the fact that I was born in 1989 like you means that during these years weíve grown up together, Ií ve always looked up at you for your style and your attitude and Iím very happy that you turned to acting. Expecially I love the fact that you keep choosing different roles, thatís very cool! Iíve loved you in The Good Doctor and I have the feeling that Yellow will be great! Hope youíre having fun there in Namibia, Mad Max is simply amazing, For my final thesis at the university I write about dystopic and post-apocalyptic movies so Iím very looking forward it! And then I love acting too, Iíve done some theatre and extras so Iím always happy when I see you landed on a new role! Anyway, I donít know if you know your official fan forum,, Iím an active member, weíre very supportive and we donít post private pics! I know you may even donít read this message but I would like to know where I can find your campaign for Hilfiger when you were 12, Itís like impossibile to find it! Iím sure the forum members will be happy to finally see it!
Thank you!
Xoxo Rita
P.S. oh, Iím a big fan of jujuís movies too! ďthe strange strangersĒ is something special! You were amazing and she will become a director for sure! You should direct a movie together, just saying..ok, sorry for this long message, bye! Have a good day!

Her reply!
Thank you for your kind message Rita, and for all of your support. I'm glad you enjoyed The Good Doctor and JuJu would be pleased to hear such a compliment. We are all working very hard here in Africa on Mad Max. I think you will definitely like this one, and can't wait for you to see it. Unfortunately I don't know where those photos are! I don't know if I've ever seen them either! Must be buried under someones old couch somewhere hidden away
Hope all is well, all of my love, xRiley

2 Re: A message from RILEY!!!! on 21.07.13 21:56


Thanks for sharing this again with us!!

The message is awesome! love it!

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