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Riley Keough Fan Forum » RILEY KEOUGH » Family and friends » NEW Lisa interview in V Magazine -March 2014

NEW Lisa interview in V Magazine -March 2014

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credit to tim087 from

I found this interview to be very informative. It really tells how lisa is so giving of herself and her time.  Cheering 


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I typed it out in case you had a hard time reading it::

First Impressions: you're more petite than I realized, but your hair is just as big as I hoped.

LISA: Well, thank you. It'll get even bigger by show time. I'll pump it up before I get out there.

To be expected of a Southern girl. This year is the 60th anniversary of the birth of Rock and Roll, which started with Elvis Presley's first single "That's All Right" in 1964. When were you aware of the contributions your father made to music?

LISA: Not when I was a kid. He was just my dad then. But, obviously, to have that in my life now? I'm proud. Not that its easy. To explain to my children that their grandfather started Rock and Roll? That this thing that is everywhere now didn't exist before him? Hard stuff. I tried to explain it to my kids a week ago. They were like, "so he started music entirely?" And I said, "No not music entirely, but a certain type of music. Like what is happening now is because of him." We'll try again when their older.

Was there a distinction between Elvis Presley your father and Elvis the Icon?

LISA: There was no stage persona, no spokesperson, no alter ego. Elvis was my father, and my father was Elvis.

Do you have favorite songs of his?

LISA: I like the songs from the 70s because that was when I was around.

Now you create your own music. Was there ever a point when you wanted to do something else?

LISA: Nope. Music or poetry, which is basically what a singer-songwriter does.

C'mon you never wanted to be an Astronaut or Fireman?

LISA: Well there was a time when I wanted to be a Nurse.

I wonder what a shrink would say about that.

LISA: If I ever feel vunerable, I get angry. I'll puff up. But its all bullshit. I am the caretaker in the Family. I pride myself on being a nurturer and want to help people. I'm also a hypochondriac. I've been to the doctor so many times that now if any of my kids or someone I know feels sick, they call me and i'll tell them what I think it is. It's not an official diagnosis but I'm right most of the time.

So family is important to you?

LISA: More than anything.

We have a friend in common, Linda Ramone, who told me that when her husband Johnny was sick you were there for them like no one else.

LISA: Yeah, I'd go be with him every day. We'd take shifts. I'd let Linda go home and take a shower and I'd stay with him til she got back. He was never alone.

He finally passed away at home, right?

LISA: Right in the living room in his LaZ Boy chair. We were with him all day and when he died in the chair. It was me, Eddie Vedder, Rob Zombie, Peter Yorn, Steve Jones - a whole bunch of us. We hung out with him. We watched a movie with him sitting there in the chair. Dead.

That's bonkers!

LISA: His mom called and I told her "He is with us right now." and She said, "I believe in that stuff too." and I said, "No, he's actually sitting right here." I mentioned that to Bono and he said it sounded like an Irish Wake. I guess its common in Ireland...

But not in Beverly Hills. There is certain kinship among musicians, though. Do you get that?

LISA: I do tend to relate to people in music, but I appreciate any kind of artist. An artist is an artist is an artist.

Is your father an inspiration to you?

LISA: Yes, of course, huge. His backup singers The Sweet Inspirations were another one. And I loved Elton John very, very early. Elton was the first record I ever bought that my dad found out about. He was like "who is this She's listening to that isn't me?" He went out and bought a few of Elton's records after that.

Have you told Elton that?

LISA: Yes, and he thought it was fabulous. Then I went through a country music phase. I loved the Mandrell Sisters, dolly Parton, obviously Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette..Then I went into the hard rock phase. Linda Rondstadt, Heart, Pat Benatar! Loved her.

What part of the music making process are you most fulfilled by?

LISA: Touring. Interacting with the audience. I like smaller venues because they're more intimate.

How have you dealt with being a public figure?

LISA: I create a little retreat for myself wherever I live. Right now its our house in England. I go there and I'm completely normal. I'll garden or cook. My husband got me some horses for Christmas. I like to retreat from performing then delve back into it. Getting away is an important part of the process.

Do the press hound you?

LISA: Its not that hard to avoid it if you want to. To tip off the paparazzi and stage a photo shoot at Starbucks? That's insane. When I grew up you did everything to avoid that. People today think they're over if they're not in the the tabloids. Its like a drug.

I think celebrities today want to be in tabloids, but don't want to actually connect with fans. Its like, Take my picture but don't talk to me.

LISA: I'm the opposite.  I don't want my picture in the paper, but ill talk to you. I busted my ass putting these records out there, and I'd like to hear what people think of them!

Lets talk about your love life.



LISA: I can tell you I have a lady crush.

On who?

LISA: Lady Gaga.

Why, did you meet her recently?

LISA: No, I saw her performing with Elton John, and she was laying across a piano, and belting out these songs, and it was the coolest darn thing. She seems intelligent. And I decided after that I had a lady crush.

Is it true that you are related to Oprah?

LISA: She did an investigation and she said that yes, many, many years ago, a Presley and a Winfrey got together. People were sneaking around and doing stuff and, yes, we are connected as a result.

Does she feel like family when you see her?

LISA: It does, actually. But I think she's like that with everyone. I call her Mama Moses and told her that I wanted her to adopt me.

So, Lady Gaga is your crush and Oprah is your adoptive Mother?

LISA: Exactly.

And Elvis is your dad.

LISA: You got that?


hahaha, cute!! Heart-warming conversations

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